Esto ni siquiera existe

[O al menos no debería]

You've got all the time in the world my friend, but for now just enjoy the storm.
Stare at those people paralyzed by fear, they are so afraid of rain, lighting and death, because they are unknown. So they are not used to them, and life it's about getting used to things.

Or so they say, and remain inside their homes.

They just don't know what they are missing.

Si te expulso de mi mundo, donde el amor es eterno. No te queda nada, solo la traición y el recuerdo.

Tal vez el amor sea el deseo irreprimible de sostener a tu mano entre mis dedos, aunque este tan fria como la de un cadaver.

Un acto de desesperación, el amor es un acto desesperado. Dudar al momento de seguir los impulsos, dejarse llevar y estar muerto de miedo.

En este preciso instante tengo el pelo como David Bowie en "Laberinto".


The bug, jumped over her head and fell onto the floor in a very ungraceful manner.

It was an ugly and scary bug, so as all of you can imagine, she was terrified.

In spite of this, she managed to step over the bug, her little shoes splashed and eventually killed him.

She stared at the corpse for a long, long time. Then she ran away as fast as she could.

Her body was shivering, and she was only able to think of how much she needed a hug.

Unfortunately, no one was there to hold her. In that instant she realized of her loneliness.

Everybody is alone” she thought.

Every single soul wishes for a hug and yet we can never truly hug each other properly” She said, and her voice vanished in the air, so did she.