Esto ni siquiera existe

[O al menos no debería]

God is a human invention. It was invented because the human kind was afraid of the world, and frightened of themselves, they created this thing in an attempt to destroy the horrid things that were alive inside them, now we all know that the experiment failed and most of men are horrid and empty, they did not want God to go to waste, so now they try to use it to fulfill that emptiness. I’m afraid to tell them that this second attempt won’t work and them all will slowly fade away.

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I can't read english

Anonymous said... 14.9.06  

en especial depoes de lo que escribiste en el ñoba de ese colegio PutO que nos hace creer que lo que decimos es mentira ]:(

(Y aguante Clirr qe esta re-buena loko.O!!)


people using religion to explain the diferent misteries of this world is a well know fact. The question is how long its going to take before everybody realize of it.

I love you so

Realmente crees que todo esto es el producto de una gran explosion de absurdo? o.o?

Coso, te mande infinitos SMS's te extraño =(, love u 1/0.
Come back with Tíen u girl =(((


Feliz cumpleaños sweetie =*

te amo


nada mas que decir =)

shu shuuuuu

Anonymous said... 20.10.06  

Lo que escribiste es tuyo o lo copiaste de algún lado? Porque una vez leí algo muy parecido que lo dijo Brian Warner (entiéndase Marilyn Manson), aunque tampoco sé si era de él o estaba citando a alguien más.
Nevertheless, you are right. Luck.

Digamos que si saco algo de algún lado lo cito, así que lo que aparece en mi blog lo escribo yo, o en su defecto cito a su autor correspondiente.
By the way... who are you?

Anonymous said... 26.10.06  

I don’t know you. I’m astonished with your boyfriend’s writing (whom I neither know), so I guessed that if he speaks so nicely about you, you might have something interesting to be heard. I hope you don’t mind. And please don’t take the previous comment as an aggression, it was just a question.
Peace. Caro