Esto ni siquiera existe

[O al menos no debería]

There seem to be many saviours in this world. But you know, we all know, that only one of them is real, and the rest are nothing but a pale reflection of him.

Sometimes, the hero, cannot even save himself. The only thing he wants, is to be hold by someone who really loves and understand him.

It's like being back in your mother's womb, you feel warm, complete and safe. When you get out you feel, you are, dirty and incomplete, most of the people decide to give up on living sooner or later. While some others find the missing part of themselves, hidden in the depths of another human soul.

You know you've found it, because you feel as if you're condemned to share your life with that person until everything ends... or begins, as you prefer.

You may loose your own will, both of you may loose it. But you don't really care, you know it isn't quite right.

And yet, it doesn't matters, nothing really matters, as long as you can hold each other tight and feel that there's someone in this world that loves you for what you are and can be loved back.

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Eso podría ser cierto. Sí. La muerte.

y si nunca te aburris no importa
igual ,capaz alguna vez paras a comer, dormir o hablar por telefono con alguien
o sino no

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