Esto ni siquiera existe

[O al menos no debería]

Hace varios años yo tenía un blog con una amiga. Ese blog está muerto - nunca fue muy activo en primer lugar - y solo cuatro de sus post valen la pena. Así que voy a postear una de esas cosas acá.

Once upon a time or maybe twice, there were two stupid draws who struggle for a sword, one was Rikku, a blonde girl who wanted that sword for his boyfriend, Zero, so he could use it as a useful tool for cleaning those horrible theet of him. The other one was Link, a mighty boy that wanted the sword to defeat a terrible pig...

So the battle began and Rikku brought a chest and when Link saw it he desperatly wanted to open it, and so he did... but as we all know once Link opens a chest and gets the money that is inside it a terrible thing happens, he stands up with the coin upon his head with his feet wide open, so he appears to be a triangle, but he is not, he is just link.

Well, Rikku got the sword by using this little trick, but the sword was cursed, it had it's own will, and it wasn't good at all, so the sword destroyed Rikku with a powerfull light, and of her only, ashes, hair and a skull were left.

And the poor Link who was still under the effects of the chest was atackted by the sword, unnable
to defend himself. If he survived we may not know.

The end

Draws: Uchu.
Narrator: Rumpelstiltskin

3 ^_^:

Tiempo sin ver eso =D Y tiempo sin meterme en blogger...

Me gusta como tenes el blog.

Un beso.


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