Esto ni siquiera existe

[O al menos no debería]

It is wise and terrible.

I read Transmetropolitan today, I quite enjoyed it. Everything on that comic explains perfectly my point of view about journalism.

'Cause you see, in order to do journalism you need yo be in the proper mood, wich is the same as being utterly pissed, absolutely mad at the world. Rage seems to be the only way to reach the truth.And knowing that everyone around you hates you, tries or it's actually fucking you up, really gets you mad.

You are truly furious, yet you laugh, you are like possesed by a demon, who only knows to be brilliant. The right words come into your mind, you can only write them down, force the world to hear you, try to make them listen, even when you know they wont. Specially if you know they wont.

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Si bien es una movida arriesgada, usar demonios da grandes resultados..mientras logres usarlos y que no te usen.

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